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Q. How will I get admission information about Dept. of Architecture Stamford University Bangladesh?

The admission information is available in the following places:



Siddeswari Campus 
51, Siddeswari Road, 
Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh 
Mobile: 01738879598, 01836976941 (Office time: 9 am to 6 pm. Friday Closed.) 
Tel : 58315514, 58315626, 58314033, 9337067

Q. Do the applicants apply for admission only online, in person, by written application?

Applicants can apply online and from the Admission office

Q. How many semesters are offered yearly at Stamford University Bangladesh and when do they start?

STAMFORD UNIVERSITY BANGLADESH offers 3 trimesters a year: Spring, Summer & Fall, and these start in January, May & September respectively.

Q. How many credits do I have to complete for Architecture program?

The B.Arch Program has 199 Credits for completion.

Q. What is cost per credit ?

3200 Tk per credit

Q. What is the total cost for the course?

1 Admission Fee 10000.00 (One Time, Non Refundable)
2 Lab Fee 5000.00 (One Time)
3 Library Fee 2300.00 (One Time)
4 Extra Curriculam Fee 4000.00 (One Time)
5 Course Fee/Cr.Hr 3200.00 Per Credit Hour
6 Development Fee 6000.00 (One Time)
7 Medical Fee 2000.00 (One Time)
    Total Fees: Tk. 6,65,800.00  

Q. What kind credit system does the department offer? Fixed or open?

STAMFORD UNIVERSITY BANGLADESH Department of Architecture offers Fixed credits per trimester.

Q. How can I apply for Admission?

Applicants are required to look in the prospectus and STAMFORD UNIVERSITY BANGLADESH website to have precise information about admission procedures.

Is the application process the same for international applicants?

The application process is the same for all students.

Q. What are the requirements to apply for B.Arch in Undergraduate level?

For B.Arch. Program
Minimum GPA 2.50 in both S.S.C and H.S.C with science background or equivalent
Minimum 5 subjects in O-Level and 2 subjects in A-Level with minimum grade of B in 4
subjects and minimum grade of C in 3 subjects from science group.


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