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Sheikh Itmam Soud

Sheikh Itmam Soud

Assistant Professor (Dept. of Architecture)


Water quality assessment of Urban Ponds of Old Dhaka: An overview to stimulate ecological balance(Sustainability) (as a Co-author with Sarah BashneenSuchana,Assistant professor, Department of Architecture, Stamford University Bangladesh, Dhaka); Stamford Journal of Environment and Human Habitat (SJEHH), Vol.-01, Issue-02; July, 2013, pp. - 55.

Journal Proceedings of the international conference on “cities” Identity through Architecture

andAarts, 2017’, CRC press/Balkema of Tylor and Francis Group, pp-268-279.


Paper Unearthing the spatial archetypes of two indigenous South Asian cities: the walled

city of old Delhi and old Dhaka

Journal Asian Journal of Applied Science and Engineering (AJASE), Volume 5, Number

3/2016 Issue, Paper ID #15.8, ISSN: 2305-915X(print); 2307-9584 (online); ICV

78.16. Published: September,2017


Paper Daylight simulation analysis for the effectiveness of light shelves in adapted

architectural design studios of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Co-author Sharif Tousif Hossain, Lecturer, Department of Architecture, Stamford University,



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