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Sabbir Ahmed

Sabbir Ahmed

Assistant Professor (Dept. of Architecture)


  1. Asian Journal of Applied Science and Engineering (AJASE), Title: “An Investigation on Fire Safety of Air-conditioned Shopping Centers at Dhaka City”Authors Asst Prof. Saniya Tabassum1, Sabbir Ahmed2 and Taqir Mahmood3 Lecturer Dept. Architecture, Stamford University Bangladesh.ISSN: 2305-915X, Vol-3,N2/2014
  2. Stamford Journalof Environmentand Human Habitat (SJEHH), (Acceptance Letter Received), Title: The Impact of Transformation on Spatial Quality in a Rural Homestead of Bangladesh; Case Study - Bhuiyan Bari, Shaktola, Comilla, Authors Sabbir Ahmed; Senior Lecturer1, Muzaiana Naomi Khan2 and Nabila Noshin3 Lecturer Dept. Architecture, Stamford    University Bangladesh. ISSN: 2226-8898, Vol-6, July 2017.


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