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Tanvir Morshed

Tanvir Morshed

Senior Lecturer (Dept. of Architecture)
  • An Investigation of Naturally Ventilated Teaching Spaces with Windcathers in Secondary School where Site is Constrained by Noise and Air Pollution. TanvirMorshed, Accepted for Publication in Building Simulation: An International Journal, Springer 2014.
  • Technical appraisal of solar home systems in Bangladesh: a field investigation.” Published in the Journal of Renewable Energy, Elsevier - Shahriar A. Chowdhury, MonjurMourshed, S.M. RaiyanKabir, MoududulIslam,TanvirMorshed, M. Rezwan Khan, and Mohammad N. Patwary; 36 (2), pp.772-778.
  • “Changes in energy demand in 2050s due to anthropogenic climate change.” Submitted to ProtibeshJoural of BUET. Tanvir Morshed


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